Tips for Choosing the Right EDC Tactical Flashlight

An affordable EDC tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight is quite different from the flashlights we are accustomed to. Not only is it brighter, it is also stronger and more durable.

Tactical EDC (every-day-carry) flashlights are designed and constructed with aerospace grade aluminum to give them durability and make the weight light enough to carry anywhere in your pocket.

From military purposes to camping, tac lights provider security and safety anywhere. Zeroing down on the right choice is hard because of the competition in the market, which is why this article will list the tips you should consider when choosing the best EDC tactical flashlight for your specific needs.


The main reason why people opt for a tactical flashlight is their blinding brightness. However, you have to be sure that your flashlight does what it claims to do in this regard.

Despite extravagant marketing claims, some tactical flashlights are not as bright as they promise. It is important for buyers to look into the lumens as well as the candela output.

Lumens is the unit used to measure brightness. The more the lumens, the brighter the light. What’s interesting is that lumens do not illustrate the intensity of the beam of light.

For blinding brightness and a high-intensity beam, users should also look at the candela output of an EDC tactical flashlight.

4 small-sized EDC tactical flashlights


An EDC flashlight should be easy to carry and should not be a bother carrying inside a pocket. The recommended size of a flashlight is slightly longer than the width of a hand.

This size fits nicely in the pocket and still manages to pack in the features of bigger flashlights such as bigger batteries.

Flashlights that are too big to carry defeat the purpose of an EDC flashlight, despite providing more features or lumens. Flashlights on the smaller side lack the necessary brightness required for a tactical flashlight.


Most of the commercially available EDC tactical flashlights utilize one of the two prevalent batteries – AA or CR123.
AA batteries have been tried and tested for long. Hence they are known to be reliable. Also, AA batteries are more easily available due to their longevity.

AA batteries make use of alkaline technology, which is why they are usually cheaper and more widely available. Typically, such batteries come in a longer size while being small in diameter.

CR123 batteries are based on lithium cell technology and have only come to the forefront in recent years. They provide greater energy storage which results in a higher brightness output as well as longer battery time.

However, due to their effectiveness, CR123 batteries are priced higher than AAs and are less readily available. CR123 batteries are typically short in length and wider in diameter, and also weighlesser than AAs.

Buyers need to choose between a readily available battery and one with a better performance.

A tactical flashlight with mount and power source


EDC tactical flashlights can be separated into three levels:

  • Entry Level
  • Mid-Range Level, and
  • Pro Level

Each level has a different set of needs and a different budget. While Entry level EDC tactical flashlights may be affordable, some of the higher quality versions can cost buyers more than $100.

A higher price does not necessarily mean that you are buying the best, but it is a crucial factor when deciding on which type of EDC tac light to buy.

A flashlight placed in water to show its durability


There are a lot of factors that go into determining durability. These factors include its waterproof level, its body construction material,and its design.

Ideally, a flashlight is made of aerospace grade aluminum for superior durability, and its less erosion feature has an IPX-7 waterproofing rating for use in rains or floods and a compact design which makes it easier to carry.

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